Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents Attorney San Diego KeshavarezWhen you have been hit by a car walking down the street, it is very likely that you have sustained some type of injury. If you were walking in a crosswalk, or the driver was distracted, it is more than possible that the driver is at fault for your injuries. You may be at fault if you darted between two cars, or you were crossing the street illegally. Even pedestrians who are partially at fault may be able to get compensation for their injuries sustained when hit by a motor vehicle.

As the injured party hit by a car, try to stay calm as you wait for help to arrive. Once you have been treated, you will probably have to talk with the police to file a report as to how the accident happened. Describe the incident as you remember it, including the time of day, what the driver looked like, and anything that comes to mind. If you believe the driver was impaired, make sure that you let the authorities know your concern.

If you were found partially at fault, it may be still possible to file a personal injury claim. Both parties are expected to follow reasonable standards when driving a car, or crossing the street. If the driver was speeding and hit a pedestrian who wasn’t in a crosswalk, the driver can be held responsible for the injuries. Rarely is any personal injury case black and white, and it is the same for when a pedestrian is hit by a motor vehicle.

As an injured party that has been hit by a motor vehicle, you should have your case reviewed by a qualified attorney. If you believe the other party was at fault, it’s time to call our office for your free initial consultation.